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Nutrition Services

Through partnership and collaboration, we offer safe and compassionate, integrative nutrition services for behavioral health, recovery, and healing centers. We provide services such as group nutrition and culinary classes, one-on-one functional nutrition therapy, staff seminars, and menu development.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve delivered hundreds of classes, seminars, and trainings on topics surrounding nutrition and culinary basics, nutrition and recovery, nutrition and mental health, nutrition and digestive health, trauma-informed approaches to food and nutrition, cognitive-behavioral approaches to eating, among other topics to meet your program’s goals.

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Writing + Content Creation

Looking to highlight the role of nutrition in mental health? We write and create nutrition-related blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, handouts, and other educational materials that align with your program’s values, brand, & goals.

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Media + Consulting

Enhance your wellness brand, sobriety-focused business, or non-alcoholic beverage’s trustworthiness by collaborating with a registered dietitian nutritionist. By crafting compelling content and communicating nutrition and health information safely and effectively, we can boost brand visibility, convey essential messages, and establish additional confidence in your brand.

Kristi E. Mollner, MS, RDN, CCTS-I


Kristi E. Mollner, MS, RDN, CCTS-I

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Kristi E. Mollner, MS, RDN, CCTS-I

Professional Background

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Commission on Dietetic Registration

MS Nutrition, Arizona State University

Graduate Certificate—Dietetics, Marywood University

BS Education and Human Sciences/Nutrition, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP), Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (currently pursuing)

Functional Nutrition to Gut Health, The Gut Health Network

Mindful Based Eating Practitioner, Mindful Eating Training Institute

Craving Change® Certified Facilitator, Craving Change Inc.

Certificate in Trauma Counseling, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist—Individuals (CCTS-I), Trauma Institute International

Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS), American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Master Gardener, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

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